Medals to the Egyptian Army
Nafar ( Private ) Mohammed was an original member of the Xth
Soudanese Bn. when it was raised at Abbassiyeh Barracks, Cairo in
January, 1886. This was the second Soudanese Bn. formed, from 57
volunteers from the IXth Bn. and volunteers from the recently-withdrawn
Egyptian garrisons in Abyssinia and The Soudan.  

After initial training at Luxor in Egypt, the Xth Bn. marched from the Nile to
the Red Sea in November, 1887 where it received the written
commendation of the Sirdar, Colonel H.H. Kitchener, for its good behaviour
and performance. As part of the Suakin garrison the Xth conducted
defensive operations against Osman Digna until the victorious Battle of
Gemaizah on 20 December 1888 in which 632 men of the battalion were
engaged.  The Xth also participated in the Battle of Argin, 2 July 1889 and
the Battle of Toski, 3 August 1889. The action at Toski was fought in a
temperature of 122 degrees F. and marked the end of Dervish plans to
invade Egypt.

The Xth Bn. remained on garrison duty conducting regular raids and
ambushes into The Soudan until 1896 when it joined the invasion of
Dongola, fighting at Firket and Hafir respectively. At the Battle of the
Atbara the Xth captured the dervish general, Mahmoud, and provided his
escort into captivity in Egypt. At Omdurman the Xth formed part of General
Macdonald’s division that saved the day but sustained the bulk of the day’s

All three silver medals are named in Arabic “ 202 Aman Mohammed 10 “
while both clasps on the Egypt Medal are confirmed on the rolls. The
medals are worn in the Egyptian order of precedence.