Collecting Egypt medals to Egyptian soldiers presents a number of
challenges; the medals are rarely seen on the market, they are often
unnamed and, when they are named, it is often in Arabic. In addition,
service records have not survived and any attempt to solicit information
from Egyptian sources is, frankly, a waste of time. Having said that, these
medals are still well worth pursuing as testaments to soldiers who saw a
great deal of action against a savage enemy.

The old Egyptian Army that was defeated by the British at Tel-el-Kebir in
September, 1882, was disbanded a few months later and a new force,
commanded by Sir Evelyn Wood VC, raised in its place. This new Egyptian
Army served beside the British in the Suakin campaigns of 1884 and 1885,
the Nile campaign 1884-85 and in the drawn-out frontier war against the
dervishes 1885-89. Many different medals and clasps were awarded to
these men and, occasionally, they surface in dealers’ catalogues