1,411 medals with clasps for Fenian Raid 1866 and 1870
Canada General Service Medal with clasps Fenian Raid 1866 and Fenian Raid 1870 Sgt. C.E. Torrance

Charles Torrance, a native of Montreal, was born in Scotland in 1847 and was the brother of William Fraser
Torrance, who was also entitled to a CGS (FR66) and the son of James and Jane Fraser (wed Sept 15, 1846).
His father was one of 15 Children of John Torrance one of the most prominent business men in the city of Montreal.
His mother was one of the Frasers of Lovat. On Nov. 30, 1881, he married Caroline Jackson who was 4 years his
junior and in 1883, she gave birth to their only child, a son William Jackson.

He and his family were photographed by William Notman on several occasions and some military examples are shown
below. He appears in various Montreal Commercial Directories as a merchant or consignment agent in the '80s but
later emigrated to Riverside California and in the census of the day he is shown as a horticulturist. He died in 1925.

The Victoria Rifles Company was organized in Montreal in 1861 by members of the Beaver Lacrosse Club in response
to the strain in Anglo-American relations brought on by the American Civil War. In 1862 the Rifles were officially
recognized as a Canadian militia unit under the name, the Third Battalion Victoria Volunteer Rifles.

Charles is shown as a Lieut. at the time of the 1870 clasp and was promoted to Captain on 24 Oct 1874
These pictures are part of the Notman archive and the McCord
Museum in Montreal owns the  copyright. The picture  above was
taken cJune 1866 and the stripes on his cap would suggest he was
a Sergeant at the time. The picture below was taken 10 years
later and at the time he held the rank of Captain.
His son, William Jackson Torrance was the Vicar at St Barnabas
in Tunbridge Wells. He served in the Great War and his MIC is
shown to the right. His entry in "Crockfords" is as follows:

Oxford 1905 Hon. Chaplain to the Forces 1919. deacon 1905,
priest 1906 Diocese of Birmingham Curate of St. Barn. Balsall
Heath, Birm. 1905-08; Organising Secretary Christian Social
Union 1908-10; Curate of St. James Edgbaston, 1910-11; Temp
Chaplain to the Forces 1914-16; Vicar of St. Osmund Parkstone
1911-19; St. Barn. Tunbridge Wells 1919-38; Frome Selwood
1938-51; Procurator to Convocation for the diocese of Rochester
1934-45; Diocese of Bath wnd Wells 1945-65; Vicar OF
YARLINGTON 1951-54; Licence to Preach Diocese of Bath and
Wells from 1954. Gimbles, Hallam Road, Clevedon, Somerset,
The Life of St. Osmund, 1920.

He died in 1977