James Munro
Military General Service Medal with clasp for Guadaloupe
J.Munro 25th Foot
James Munro

He is the only Munro on the roll. The 25th Foot received 125 medals including 104 clasps for Guadaloupe. Of those approx. 58
were single clasp medals. The Musters at the time however show two men named James Munro; an American Tailor and a
Scottish Shoemaker. The more likely candidate in my opinion was a Shoemaker from Linlithgow and some information follows.
I am continuing to seek conclusive proof; starting with the chance that the American who  was born in Sept. 1786, may have
passed away before the medals were issued.

James Munro was born in Linlithgow  in 1790 and was christened on Sept. 5th of that year. He was the son of Samuel
(a Gardener) and Mary (nee Sutherland). He was transferred from the 2nd battalion  on July 6 1809 after serving a year
with that battalion.

In the 1841 census he is living in the historic Bailie Fyfe's Close in Edinburgh with his 75 year old mother and soon to be wife
Helen. He married Helen Fraser who was 11 years his junior and a native of the city, on Nov. 21 , 1841.  He is shown in the 1861
census as a Shoemaker still living in Bailie Fyfe's Close in Edinburgh and died at the Royal Edinburgh Asylum on May 7th, 1866.
His cause of death was listed as gradual decay.

The 25th Foot formed part of the 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, commanded by Brig-Gen Harcourt and saw some fighting.

Provenance: BALDWIN 1935, SPINK 1975, GLEN. 1976 and MAY 1980, HAMILTON 1981, SPINK MAY 1998.

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