Frank Gillbert
QSA 2bars. Belmont, Modder River:- 23955 Serjt. F. Gilbert RE.,
1914-15 trio Star :- 52840 CSM ., Pair WO11., 2nd W/War Defence,  Edward VII LSGC medal :-23995
CSM., Special Constabulary Long Service Medal:- Frank Gilbert, GV1 MSM. WO11 RE.
Frank Gillbert was born in Bridford, Devon in 1868. He was the son of William a plumber and Mary Jane and was the eldest of 4
boys appearing with their parents in the 1881 census.

He enlisted in July 1889 as a sapper giving his trade like his father, as a plumber.  He served at home until the end of 1890 then 6
years in Gibraltar followed by 2 years in Ceylon before returning home them embarking for South Africa in Oct 1899. He spent
only 8 months in South Africa and returned home in June 1900. While serving in the Boer War, was MiD in Lord Roberts'
dispatches 4 September 1901, as Corporal. He was attached to the 31st Fortress Company under Captain Frank Fuller, which was
principally involved in protecting the railways and restoring and rebuilding bridges and other railroad structures damaged by the
Boers. He returned to South Africa in 1904 before returning home for the final time in 1907. During this time, he was promoted  
to Corporal on Nov 1, 1895, Sergeant Jan. 1, 1900 and CSM Oct 26, 1904

He married Hannah Louise Connelly in Gibraltar on Jan 20, 1894 and their first child, (Mary) was born later that year. She died 9
months later. In the 1901 census, he was found to be living in married quarters at Tedworth with his wife and in 1902 he fathered
another daughter Beatrice May.

He was awarded the LS & GC in 1908 and in 1909 became part of the Balloon School. He was discharged 29 July 1910 after
serving 21 years. Gillbert was recalled 1915 and Company Sergeant Major of the 95th Field Coy; he served with the 7th Division in
France and Flanders, at Loos, Albert, Bazentin, Delville Wood, Guillemont, Polygon Wood, Passchendaele, Asiago River and Piave.

He died 7 November 1952.

His MSM awarded under the terms of Army Order 98 of 1953 without annuity.

The QSA appears to be Partly re-engraved "RE" and named Gilbert, The MSM is named to Gilbert and the balance to Gillbert. the
accompanying paperwork has examples with both spellings

Provenance: ex Moss Collection