William Henry George Beale
Queen’s South Africa Medal with 3 clasps Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Transvaal
King’s South Africa Medal with 2 clasps South Africa 1901,  South Africa 1902
2951 L/Cpl H.G. Beale 3rd Hussars
William Henry George Beale was born just outside London in July 1871. He was the son of George, a Publican and Elizabeth
and in the 1881 census he is found living with six sisters and a brother at the Crown Hotel in Bethnal Green.

He enlisted with the Hussars in 1891 and shortly after serving in the Boer War he married Beatrice and in 1905,the family
emigrated to Canada. They settled in Prince Albert Saskatchewan and William was employed as a customs officer.

William  served with the remount company and 8th Hussars and then with the 3rd Hussars. Since the 3rd Hussars did not
arrive in South Africa until Dec. 1901 it is very unusual to see a KSA named to this unit.

His medals came with a wonderful assortment of other paperwork, photographs and personal items such as his open razor,
the Queen Victoria Chocolate tin, some cooking utensils, cap badges and collar dogs.

In addition, he (or at least his kit ) was featured on the back page of the Navy and Army Illustrated magazine dated
Aug 7, 1896 with the following comment:


These two kits will give a good idea of the neatness and tidiness with which the soldier is taught to keep his things and of
the consequent well-ordered arrangement of barrack rooms and regimental quarters in general. Our photograph was taken
at Aldershot in one of the barrack rooms of "A" squadron of the 3rd "King's Own" Hussars to which the two troopers, the
owners of the kits belong. The left-hand kit, the one in the immediate foreground is the property of the "Champion Blanket
Soldier" of the regiment Trooper-Signaller W. BEALE who has made quite a name for himself for his mastery of the art of
arranging his kit exactly as the regulations direct. The right-hand kit is the property of another soldier of "A" squadron,
Trooper SHENTON, who is a good second to his "champion" comrade