Duncan McNivan
MILITARY GENERAL SERVICE 1793-1814, 1 clasp, Corunna (Duncan McNivan, 92nd Foot)
Duncan McNivan was born in the Parish of Killamany, Argyllshire. He served in the
Dumbarton Fencibles, November 1799-July 1802, before joining the 92nd Foot on 3
June 1805.

In  1808 the regiment embarked for Sweden under Sir John Moore, but
its services
were not made use of; and immediately upon the return of the expedition

to England the troops employed were ordered to Portugal, landing on the 27th of
August. The 92nd accompanied all the movements
of General Moore's army, and had
the misfortune to lose its commanding officer, Col Napier of Blackstone, who was
killed at Corunna, where the first battalion was posted towards the left of the army
on the road
leading to Betanzos.

McNivan appears in the Musters at the time of Corunna and is the only soldier of that
name. He was discharged at Edinburgh Castle on 15 July 1814, his character being
given as ‘Very Good’. On August 5th 1814 he enlisted with the 9th battalion of Royal
Veterans and he served until
April 1821 at which time he was 43 years old.

Approx. 308 MGS medals were issued to the Gordons and of those 139
had clasps for Corunna. 16 of those were single clasp medals. There were approx.
3,907 Corunna clasps in total

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