Murdoch McLean
Afghanistan Medal 1878-80 with clasp KANDAHAR to 1056 SERGT M McLEAN 92nd HIGHRS, LSGC impressed 1056 SERGT
M McLEAN 92nd FOOT, Kabul to Khandahar Star 1056 SERGT M McLEAN 92nd HIGHLANDERS.

Murdoch McLean was born in Inverness in Oct, 1840.He was the son of Murdoch a Merchant Seaman and Mary McPherson. He
enlisted as No 453 in the 12th Foot on November 30th, 1858 and subsequently transferred to the 92nd on July 1, 1863 then
reengaged Nov 30 1868 to complete 21 years. He served at home until Dec, 1870. During this time at home, he married Mary
Ann Smyth in Glasgow on February 15, 1865. At the time he was stationed at the Paisley Barracks. He then served in the East
Indies until January 1881 followed by a brief period in South Africa and his final month was at home. He was discharged Aug.
9th, 1881

Although he served a short time in prison in 1859 for being absent without leave, his conduct for the balance of his service was
very good. He was promoted to Corporal in 1869 and to Sergeant in 1873.Sergt McLean was recommended for the LSGC on
April 1, 1877 and was granted the medal on July 25th.

His name appears on the "married Roll" for March 1879 and makes reference to a four year old child who was "Motherless"
Sgt McLean is included in a group photo of Sergeants taken in Afghanistan in 1879:
In a close up, McLean is shown
seated in the center, wearing
I think, his LSGC.

Just above to the right (1) is
the famous Hector Macdonald