Daniel McKenzie
Queens South Africa Medal. with clasp for Defence of Ladysmith: 5800, Pte D. McKenzie, Gordon Highrs.
Private Daniel McKenzie was born in 1875 and attested Sept 30, 1896 aged 21
years and 3 months and at the time of enlistment he gave is trade as a Miner.

He was born in Morpeth Northumberland and prior to joining the Gordons he had
served time with the Northumberland Fusiliers from which he purchased discharge.

He appears in the 1897 Muster at Aldershot on December 1, 1897 as David
Mc Kenzie part of "H" Company and was on furlough at the time.

He served at home until Sept 1898 then to India and shortly thereafter to
South Africa. He returned home in Jun 1900.
His 66 page PIN 71 file records a series of
requests for a lump sum payment citing financial
hardships. All of which seemed to have been turned

An example is shown to the left. He cites his wife's
drinking as part of the problem

He married Elizabeth Wilmott in 1913 but by then
had fathered 3 children George (1902) Mary Ann
(1905) and Daniel Cecil (1908). , possibly from an
earlier marriage with a hard drinking woman?

He died of cardiac failure on January 7th, 1950

He had several entries in the defaulter's book
including desertion from Aldershot in 1897 and he
returned a month later. He signed a confession made
good for some costs and his trial was dispensed with.

111 QSAs with this single clasp were issued to the
Regt and a large number of those were to Casualties.
The reason for his short stay in Natal is that on January 6, 1900 at Highland
Camp he fell on a rock and severely injured his knee. This ultimately left him
with a permanent disability diagnosed as chronic synovitus of the left knee for
which he was given a pension. He was discharged in November 1900.

He enlisted in November 1914 and by that time he was 39 years old but was
discharged within a month as being unfit to perform the duties of an efficient