William Fowler
Queens South Africa Medal.  clasps: ‘Relief of Ladysmith’ ’ & ‘Belfast’: 4878, Pte W. Fowler, Gordon Highrs

Kings South Africa Medal.  clasps ‘South Africa 1901’ & ‘South Africa 1902’: 4878, Pte W. Fowler, Gordon Highrs
Private William Fowler came from Galashields and was by
trade a Millworker. He was born in 1875 and joined the
Gordon Highlanders in October 1893 and after spending 4
years at home, he spent a year in India before sailing to
South Africa in December 1899. The majority of the
battalion had left India 4 months earlier and had become
besieged at Ladysmith. Private Fowler like so many others
joined the massive relief force. This particular combination of
clasps on the QSA is particularly rare and is
one of only two
to the regiment.

Fowler returned home at the end of August 1902 where he
served the remaining three years of his service. These were
his only medals.

He appears in the 1891 census living at 73 Highbuckholmside
in Galashiels with his parents, James and Mary and his two
younger sisters Elizabeth and Maryann.

The medals are in exceptional condition and were likely never
worn by William Fowler.
His childhood home
pictured recently.

Number 73 is the first
door on the left.