Edmund MacDonald
Paymaster Sgt. 92nd Highrs
Afghanistan Medal 1878-80 without clasp to 1665 PAY-MR SGT E MACDONALD 9nd HIGHRS

He is confirmed on the roll as Edwin, the picture below identifies him as Edward but I believe his name is Edmund.

Edmund MacDonald was born in Belfast circa 1848.  He was the son of James and Sarah and in the 1851 census he was
living in Birkenhead, Cheshire with his family.

He enlisted for 12 years in the 92nd Foot on Oct 22nd 1867. The following year he sailed to India on the troopship
HMS Malabar. He married Clara Emily Crawley at Sitapur on November 19, 1878,  joined the Commissariat Department
at Calcutta and remained in India on the Unattached List on March 20, 1880 and as late as 1890 he is still serving on the
UL as a Sgt in Bareilly.

Sgt MacDonald is included in a group photo of Sergeants taken in Afghanistan in 1879:
In a close up, MacDonald is pictured
lower left.
Murdoch McLean is shown
seated in the center and just above to
the right (1) is the famous Hector