John Campbell
Private John Campbell enlisted in the 1st Battn. of the Gordons sometime in March 1892. While serving in India rather than
returning to Scotland with the 1st Battalion in 1898, he elected like many of his comrades to transfer to the 2nd Battn and it was
with his new battalion that he was shipped to South Africa and besieged at Ladysmith.

He enlisted on Oct 5, 1914, his MIC states that his date of entry was Nov 8th, 1914 and was entitled to a 1914 star but there is no
reference to the clasp suggesting that either he did not qualify or alternatively didn't claim it. The Gordons were in the thick of
things in November and if Pte. Campbell joined the Battn. before Nov 22nd he was likely entitled to the clasp. It has been
estimated that approx. 35% of those entitled to the clasp did not receive it for a variety of reasons.

The war diary for early December 1914 notes that recent drafts contained some- "very old soldiers". One man having fought with
the 1st Battn. at Tel-el-Kebir in 1882. Although Campbell was only about 40 at the time he may have been included in this

Pte. Campbell was discharged on January 21, 1916 as a result of wounds. His MIC notes that he received a SWB and he appears on
the SWB roll page with badge number 55941.
India General Service Medal
1895. 'Relief of Chitral 1895',‘Punjab Frontier 1897-98’ & 'Tirah 1897-98': 4157 Pte. J. Campbell, 1/Gord Highrs

Queens South Africa Medal.  
‘Defence of Ladysmith’ ‘Laings Nek’ & ‘Belfast’: 4157 Pte. J. Campbell, Gordon Highrs

1914 Star and Bar Trio: 3-7167 Pte. J. Campbell 1st Bn. Gordon Highlanders