George Brown
Egypt and Sudan 1882-89, undated reverse, 2 clasps, The Nile
1884-85, Kirbekan (1153 Pte. G. Brown, 1/Gord. Highrs.)
Since his service papers have yet to be located, not much is known about George
Brown who joined the Gordons on September 16, 1883. He first appears in the
musters for that quarter while stationed at the Depot in Aberdeen. He then
appears as a transfer from the 75th Depot in the musters for the 2nd battalion
along with young
Pte. Lister and many others at Edinburgh and Devonport and on
Sept. 15, 1885, he was transferred to the 1st battalion in Egypt and is included
in the Cairo musters for the period.

The clasp
Kirbekan is relatively scarce to the regiment. Only "D" company was
awarded this clasp.