Edward Hunt
Egypt 1882-89, undated, with clasp El-Teb
(E. Hunt 2 Captn Qr. Dk. Men H.M.S. Dryad)
Edward Hunt was born in Half Moon St, in
Bishopgate in London on June 20, 1854. He
joined the navy June 10, 1872 and served on
HMS Peterel from 1873-1876 principally in
the Pacific region.

In the 1881 census, Edward is on board
with 601 other souls. He is shown as
married and his rating at the time was
Captain of Mast. His next period of service
was mainly on depot ships and on December
1883 he joined
HMS Dryad.

He was promoted rapidly and by 1880 he  
was a P.O 2nd Class. Up until this point his
conduct ranged from Very Good to
Exemplary. However something occurred
which caused him to be sentenced to two
years H.L and be discharged from the service

69292 Edward Hunt parted company with
the senior service in March 1884 and was
discharged to Winchester prison to serve
out his sentence in April of that year

At the time of the census in 1891, he is living
with his wife Martha his mother Elizabeth
and 4 kids. His occupation is a fishmonger
and they are living above the shop. In 1901
he and Martha are at the same place,living
with servants, the kids are all out of the
home and Edward is shown as a Costermonger

Although Captain Douglas Morris states
that only 2 medals with a single clasp
El-Teb to Dryad were issued (the other
being in his collection and sold at DNW in
1996) the roll published in the Naval
Historical Collectors & Research
Association publication
Review based on
ADM171/42 suggests that several more
men were entitled to the clasp