ROYAL NAVY L.S. & G.C., V.R., engraved, narrow suspension
James Whitelock was born in Devonport on 4th December 1839, son
of Thomas Whitelock and Mary Dawe and joined the Royal Navy
serving aboard
H.M.S Doris as an Ordinary Seaman 2nd Class
(No.25726) on 15th March 1859, then aged 19. Promoted to
Ordinary Seaman on 26th February 1860, and to Stoker on 15th
July 1862, he was posted to
H.M.S. Indus on 10th February 1863,
originally an 80 gun ship of the line but by then a guardship, and
used as a temporary posting for seamen prior to their allocation to
another ship.

On 1st November 1863 he was posted to
H.M.S. Pelorus, but was
returned to
H.M.S. Indus on 1st January 1864, before being
posted to H.M.S. Prince Consort on 15th January 1864; to
on 30th October 1864, the same date as he was promoted to
Armourer; to
H.M.S. Bristol on 15th December 1865; to H.M.S.
Phoebe on 11th April 1869; to
H.M.S. Royal Alfred on 1st
September 1869 and then to
H.M.S. Audacious on 13th April 1872.

H.M.S. Audacious was built at Glasgow by Napier and laid down
on the 26th June 1867 being launched 27th February 1869  and
was damaged while being launched in a gale and completed 10th
September 1870.   She was the first Royal Naval Iron Hulled
Warship to be lighter than designed.  Taken form Napier's yard
at Govan to Plymouth for completion. entered service in October
1870 as Guard ship at Kingstown. them being transferred to Hull
in 1871 until 1874. It was while serving at Hull that he met and
then married Martha in the 3rd quarter of 1873.

On June 1, 1874 he joined
Victor Emanuel , too late to have served
in her when she was hospital ship during the Ashantee campaign.
She was re-commissioned by Captain Parkin: to take out new
crews for various ships and vessels in the Far East plus detachment
of Royal Engineers and then to remain at Hong Kong as receiving
and depot ship.

He was to serve on this ship until 9th March 1877, before
returning to
Audacious for two more years then Pembroke before
being pensioned ashore in May 1879.

H.M.S.Victor Emanuel was a 91 gun ship which had been launched
in 1855, and would serve variously in the English Channel, the
Mediterranean, and off the african coast during the Anglo Ashanti

Whitelock was awarded his Royal Navy Long Service & Good
Conduct Medal on 23rd August 1875.

After leaving the navy, he settled in Sculcoates which is now part
of Hull and subsequent census information shows that he made a
living as a shopkeeper. By the time of the 1891 census he was head
of a growing family:

James R Whitelock         51
Martha Whitelock          41
James L Whitelock         16
Martha M Whitelock      10
Clara Whitelock              9
Alfred H Whitelock        6
Florence G Whitelock      3
Bertha Whitelock            2
William H Whitelock       6 months

He died in the first quarter of 1909 at Sculcoates.   
Approximately 4,500 engraved medals were
issued between March 1875 and March 1877.
The were engraved by Hunt and Roskell at a
price of one shilling a piece. John Pinches took
over the contract using a machine to impress
the naming at a cost of sixpence a piece.
HMS Audacious