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Long Service & Good Conduct Medal Royal Navy
William IV Anchor type obverse to Jas White,
Boatswain’s Mate, HMS Edinburgh 21 Years

James White was born in Portsea, Portsmouth and
entered the Royal Navy as a 22 year old in
November 1818 as Ordinary Seaman aboard the 4th
HMS Severn. The fact he was rated Ordinary
Seaman on entry indicates he had prior sea service
almost certainly with the Merchant Navy.  HMS
Severn at the time was commanded by the infamous
Captain William McCulloch who had been nicknamed
"Flogging Joey" due to his harsh disciplinary
measures. The ship was based in Deal, Kent and was
part of the coastal brigade which was formed to
limit the amount of smuggling taking
place along the Kent coastline.  During his time on
Severn, White would have shared in many of the
seizures that took place between 1820 and 1821
(London Gazette 20 Nov 1821 refers)

During his time on
HMS Andromache, White
would have seen a bit of the world. The ship was
assigned to service on the Cape of Good Hope
station, in September 1824 when the ship returned
to Mauritius , the captain (Commodore Nourse) and
8 officers were reported to have died from fever.

Prior to White joining
Ariadne, Captain Chapman
who had been appointed as a result of some changes
in command following the death of Commodore
Nourse of the
Andromache, was tried by a court
martial aboard
HMS Victory at Portsmouth on
January 19, 1826 related to the purchase of a
slave negress at Zanzibar. She had been taken to
sea and mysteriously disappeared. The court
sentenced him to be dismissed from the service.
White's service on this ship would have been
primarily in the Mediterranean at this time.

His next ship,
HMS Wellesley was named after the
Duke of Wellington and was the flag ship of Rear-
Admiral Maitland who was most remembered as the
Officer to whom Bonaparte surrendered on
. HMS Wellesley was sunk following a
German air-raid in 1940

He served in the West Indies on
HMS Tyne and in
the East Indies on
HMS Winchester which at the
time was the flagship (once again) of Rear Admiral

His final ship which appears on his service record
HMS Edinburgh and while serving on her he
would have been eligible for a NGS with SYRIA
clasp.  His name does not appear in the published
rolls but in the ADM 171,  there is a notation that
he ran from
HMS Thunder in 1844.  The musters
HMS Thunder confirm the desertion but it
seems like an odd way to end a naval career during
which he earned a Long Service & Good Conduct
Medal with Gratuity.

The medal was  awarded 21st July 1841.