Thomas Tiller
Egypt 1882-89, dated, no clasp ( T.Tiller Pte. RM: H.M.S. "Inconstant".)
Thomas Tiller was born at Damerham, Salisbury Wiltshire on May 2nd, 1856
He appears in the 1861 census as living with his mother Ann (1834-1878)  at his
grandparent's house. His mother married Aaron Keith in 1862 and in the 1871 census,
he appears with his mother and step family and his name is recorded as Thomas Smith.

His service record indicates that his profession was that of a labourer. After leaving
the marines in 1886 he returned to Damerham and in the 1891 census he is living with
his wife Emma who is 23 at the time. 10 years later Emma is shown as 38 and she and
Thomas are living together with their 12 year old neice Bertha and they are living next
door to his step-father. Thomas is once again a labourer and Emma's occupation is
recorded as laundress.

He was enlisted by Captain Symons on December 2nd 1873 and served on
until April 1877 following which he served on HMS Euphrates under
Captain Charles James Brownrigg and received a South Africa medal.

HMS Euphrates was an iron-hulled troopship of the Euphrates class. She was
designed for the transport of British troops to India.
HMS Euphrates
HMS Inconstant
He next served on HMS Inconstant from June 1,
1880 until he was paid off on November 16, 1882.  
During his time on
HMS Inconstant he would "see
the world" including Spain, Madeira, St Vincent,
Monte Video, Falkland Islands, Australia, Japan,
Hong Kong, Cape of Good Hope, Gibraltar, Malta,
Cyprus and Egypt. Towards the end or the world
tour, HMS Inconstant assisted in the Egypt
operations thereby entitling the crew to a no clasp

After disembarking, he remained with the
Portsmouth Division and his final ship assignment
was with
HMS Duke of Wellington, one of the
depot ships for berthing the men of the
Portsmouth Dockyard Reserve which he served
on from 1883 to 1885, during this period and
until he left the service in May 1886 having
served 12 years, his conduct was described as
good or fair.