ROYAL NAVY L.S. & G.C., V.R., engraved, narrow suspension
(Andw Laing Chf Btmn in Ch HM Coast Guard)

Andrew Laing was born in Aberdeen on 27 September
1826 and first served in the Merchant Navy aboard
the sailing ships
Scotchman from March 1843 to
September 1943 and
Dargs from January 1844 to
June 1844. He first entered the Royal Navy aboard
HMS Raleigh 6 February 1846 serving aboard this
ship until 6 February 1850 he joined
HMS Superb and
served aboard until 19 June 1851. Laing appears to
have left the Royal Navy from Superb 19 June 1852
but re entered joining
HMS Maeander 22 August
1852 as Able Seaman under Captain Charles Talbot

Laing followed Talbot and joined
HMS Algiers 30
May 1854 rated Coxswain of the Cutter, (entitled to
and Crimea Medals) then HMS Raven 28
February 1856 as Quarter Master,
HMS Conflict 24
May 1856 as Captain's Coxswain,
HMS Fisguard 25
February 1857 as Captain's Coxswain transferring to
HM Coast Guard at Pembroke as Boatman 1 September

Laing joined HM Coast Guard at Edinburgh 1 March
1858 and was advanced to Commissioned Boatman 4
December 1860. He continued to serve in HM Coast
Guard advanced to Chief Boatman in Charge at
East Coast of Scotland (Coast Guard) 1
January 1873. He later served at
HMS Lord Warden
(Coast Guard) in the Forth until pensioned 30
September 1881.

He married Cristina (born 1839 in Methlick Aberdeen)
Elizabeth , 1859
James,  1861,
Andrew, 1864
Jane, 1866,

In the 1891 census, he is listed as a grocer in

His  LSGC as well as an unamed Baltic and Crimea
(with loose Sebastapol clasp) appeared as item 617
in John Hayward's medal list of October 1972 for
20 pounds
Approximately 4,500 engraved medals were issued
between March 1875 and March 1877. The were
engraved by Hunt and Roskell at a price of one
shilling a piece. John Pinches took over the contract
using a machine to impress the naming at a cost of
sixpence a piece.