Joseph James Fisher
Egypt and Sudan 1882-89, dated reverse, 1 clasp, Alexandria 11th July (A.B., H.M.S. Alexandra); Royal Navy L.S. & G.C., V.R.,
narrow suspension (P.O. 1st Cl., H.M.S. Comus); Khedive’s Star 1882; together with a Royal Naval Temperance Society Medal
Joseph James Fisher was born in  Alverstoke, Southampton,  May 5th, 1863. He was one of 8 children of George (who served
in the coastguard) and Ann Maria and he is found in the 1871 census living in Sussex with his 5 brothers and sisters.

His service began as a boy 2cl on HMS St Vincent when he was 15. At the time of the 1881 census he was rated as a Boy on
Alexandra.  In 1901 he joined the RFR and was discharged in Aug. 1910.

He was awarded the LSGC in July 1891.

A VC Action on board Alexandra:
During the engagement a 10-inch shell passed through the ship's side and lodged on the main deck. Gunner Harding, hearing
a shout that there was a live shell just above the hatchway (which led to the magazine) rushed up from below, picked it up
and flung it into a tub of water. Had the shell burst it would probably have caused many deaths.

In the 1901 census he is found to be living in Gosport with his wife Susanna (wed 1895) and children Violet and James and as
well as two of his younger brothers; William, a member of the coastguard and Samuel, a Ship's Corporal in the RN. in the 1911
census he is found at 18 Oriel Road North End Portsmouth and shown as a Naval Pensioner living with his wife Margaret (S.)
and daughter Violet
H.M.S. Comus