Andrew Burns
China 1842 Medal to Andrew Burns Petty Officer HMS Harlequin
Andrew Burns was born in North Shields, Northumberland
c 1818. He was the son of Andrew Burn and Margaret Carr.

The census records show that Andrew Burns described
himself as a mariner all his life. His experience with Her
Majesty's navy though was somewhat short lived. He served
less than 4 years virtually all of it aboard HMS Harlequin.

His time aboard Harlequin was primarily in the Far East
and he was eligible the China medal as a result of its
participation in the last major battle of the war at Chinkiang
on July 21, 1842. Harlequin was actively involved in the
suppression of Pirates  off the coast of Sumatra in early 1844.

The ship returned to England in 1845 and it appears
that the first thing Burns did was get married. He and
Susannah Goodman were joined in holy matrimony in Tynemouth.

He continued to live in the Tynemouth area until his death
in 1885. Several Tyne River Pilots over the years were
named Burn or Burns and I speculate that he may have
been related to them or served with them in some capacity
as a mariner.
HMS Harlequin was a brig-sloop launched at Pembroke in 1836. She
carried 16 guns . Her distinctive figurehead (shown left) is at the National
Maritime Museum in Greenwich. The figurehead which is approximately
5 feet tall was made in 1845 by Hellyers of Portsmouth at a cost of
almost 7 pounds  and was housed at the Devonport dockyard before
being presented to the NMM in 1936