James Buckley
Egypt 1882-89, undated, no clasp ( J. Buckley, E.R.A. H.M.S. Iris.)
James Buckley was born in St. Columb, Cornwall in January 1847. In the
1861 census he is found living with his parents James and Jane and several
siblings. Both he and his older brother appear as assistant boiler makers.

He joined the RN in February 1877 at the ripe old age of 30 under CS
number 99602. His service began on the depot ship
HMS Asia followed by
HMS Excellent then back to Asia.

He appears on board
HMS Hecla in the 1881 census as married and serving
Captain Wilson VC  He left the ship in May of 1882 and did not
participate in the bombardment of Alexandria. He was however to earn his
Egypt while aboard
HMS Iris , the eligibility period being in June 9-20,
1884. His medal was delivered to him on that ship, two years later in June

Following his time on
Iris he served on HMS Vernon and HMS Asia before
spending three years on
HMS Comus. One of his shipmates at the time
would have been
J.J. Fisher.

He was promoted to Chief E.R.A. while serving aboard HMS Alexandra in
August 1893 before joining Victory II. In 1895 he served in the Australian
Squadron, first on HMS Mildura then on HMS Kingarooma and returned to
Victory II in 1896. He was eventually pensioned ashore in February 1897
aged 50 after serving 20 years

Throughout his service his conduct ranged from fair to exemplary. In 1889
a remark on his service records reads
"to be punished as severely as
regulations allow for drunkeness"
Second Class Cruiser (Despatch Vessel)
12th April 1877
18 Knots
Mediterranean1879 - 1887
Portsmouth Reserve1887 - 1903
Used for Portsmouth harbour service
from 1903, broken up 1905.
When she was completed she was the
first RN ship made from Steel