F. Woodhouse
3191 Sejt. F. Woodhouse, West Yorkshire Regiment.
Queen’s South Africa Medal clasps Tugela Heights, Orange Free State, Relief of Ladysmith,
Transvaal, Laings Nek, South Africa 1901.
Severely wounded Bothwell Farm, Lake Chrissie 6 February 1901 & invalided.

With four photocopies of service documents, a CD-ROM containing 124 pages of pension
invalidity documents and two photocopy pages from the medal roll. Fred Woodhouse
enlisted at Leeds 17 May 1892 aged 21 years 1 month. Born Methley. Occupation miner.
Had 17 entries in the defaulter book between 1892 and 1899, mostly for absences or
drunkenness. On 13 May 1899 extended his service to complete 12 years with the colours.
Sustained a gunshot wound to the forehead during the Boers’ night attack on the British
camp. Sgt. W.B. Traynor of the battalion won the Victoria Cross for this action. Invalided
from South Africa after spending 25 days in hospital there and arrived at Devonport
hospital 8 April 1901.

A medical report dated 16 April 1901 stated he suffered from constant pain in the head
which was aggravated by any sudden noise. He could not return to his original job as a miner
and could only undertake light casual labour. His disability was assessed at 75%.
Discharged medically unfit for further service at Devonport 15 June 1901. Conduct very
good. A medical report dated 21 July 1903 stated he had a small scar and depression in the
parietal region and complained of tenderness when pressure was applied and occasional
bouts of giddiness. Small particles of nickel occasionally worked their way out from
beneath the skin. His disability was reassessed at 50% which was also reconfirmed in a
medical report dated 9 May 1904 in which it was noted that there was no improvement.

A medical report dated 16 October 1919 stated that he had a florid complexion and
sometimes felt a ‘fullness’ of the head under changes of temperature but otherwise his
general health was good. He was assessed as having nil disability. In a later document he is
shown as having been married under the name of Samuel and he states that this was the
name he was christened. By 1930 he was working as a messenger in the quartermasters
depot at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst. Died of cerebral degeneration at Farnham
16 April 1937. Served in 2nd Battalion.