Richard Wade
3914 Pte. R. Wade, Dorset Regiment.
Queen’s South Africa Medal clasp Relief of Ladysmith.
With a CD-ROM containing 84 pages of pension invalidity papers and a photocopy of
the medal roll page. Richard Wade enlisted with number 9693 in the Scots Guards at
Poole 4 July 1892 aged 18. Born Blandford. Occupation labourer.

Transferred to the Dorset Regiment 10 July 1893. Between 1892 and 1898 had eight
entries in the defaulter book, mostly for unauthorised absences although on one occasion
he was charged with improper conduct and being drunk when on police duty in Malta.
Admitted to No. 4 General Hospital at Mooi River with dysentery 28 January 1900 and
transferred the following day to No. 2 Divisional Hospital at Spearmans Hill. Invalided
as a result of an abscess of the liver which was discharging through the right lung and
dysentery which had left him “much emaciated”.

A medical report in September 1900 stated that there was no improvement, his
condition was probably permanent and his degree of disability was 100%. It was
considered that his condition was entirely due to his service in South Africa. Discharged
medically unfit for further service at Christchurch 9 November 1900. Conduct very

A medical report in October 1901 stated that his condition was much as before but with
a possible tendency towards improvement. A medical report in October 1902 confirmed
little change with his liver enlarged and tender. He was still unable to find work as a
bricklayer’s labourer. A medical report in January 1927 stated that he was confined to
bed, had pain in his right abdomen and a persistent cough and that his disability was
100%. Died of phthisis pulmonalis (tuberculosis) at Belfast 4 February 1928. Served in
2nd Battalion.