Lieut. B.B. Waddell-Dudley,

North Staffordshire Regiment.
Queen’s South Africa Medal clasps Cape Colony, Orange Free State.
Died of disease Bloemfontein 20 June 1900.
With three pages of family details and a
photograph of recipient’s grave. ‘The Last Post’
states: “Lieut. Bertram Barre Waddell-Dudley,
2nd Batt. North Staffordshire Regt., died of
enteric at Bloemfontein on June 20th 1900.

He was the son of the Rev. W.D. Waddell-Dudley,
of St. Stephen’s Vicarage, St. Albans, was born in
June 1874, and educated at Haileybury.

He entered the North Staffordshire Regt. From
the Militia in June, 1896, being promoted lieut.
Jan. 1899. Lieut. Waddell-Dudley accompanied
his battalion to South Africa in Jan., 1900, and
served in the Seventh Division under Lieut.-Gen.
Tucker, taking part in the advance on

He was born in Westminster and was the third
child and only son of Rev. William D. and Georgina
C.W.F. Waddell-Dudley.

Buried at President Brand Cemetery, Bloemfontein.

Grave marked by a marble cross.