Edward Fenton Prior
177612 AB E.F. Prior, H.M.S. Terpsichore.

Queen’s South Africa Medal clasps Cape Colony, South Africa 1901; Africa General Service
Medal clasp Jubaland.

With photocopies of service details and the medal roll pages. Edward Fenton Prior enlisted
as a boy 9 December 1893 aged 15 years 3 months and joined at Chatham. Born Hatcham,
Surrey 26 August 1878. Occupation messenger. Deserted and recovered in 1894.
Imprisoned seven times between 1902 and 1908 for 7 to 90 days, once for insubordinate
language and six times for unspecified offences. Acquitted by court martial 12 June 1908
of charges of unlawfully opening small arms magazine and theft of government property.
Discharged 26 August 1908. Character fair to very good. QSA sent to H.M.S. Terpsichore
April 1904. 273 QSAs to the ship of which 137 had two clasps, all of this combination. 766
two clasp QSAs to the Royal Navy. 225 AGSs with clasp Jubaland to the Royal Navy of
which only 45 were to H.M.S. Terpsichore.