William Moir
3927 Sgt. W. Moir, Gordon Highlanders.
Queen’s South Africa Medal clasp Elandslaagte.
Wounded in action Elandslaagte 21 October 1899 & invalided.

With 39 pages of service documents and pension invalidity papers
including death certificate and a photocopy of the medal roll page.
William Robertson Moir enlisted at Aberdeen 10 June 1891 aged 18
years 6 months although a later document gives his date of birth as 4
August 1871 which would have made him 19 years 10 months. Born
Dundee. Occupation tenter. Under distinguishing marks it is mentioned
that he had had the middle finger of his right hand surgically removed.

Three courts of enquiry investigated the circumstances of injuries to
Moir and in all cases concluded that the incidents took place while he
was off duty and would not interfere with his future efficiency as a
soldier. The incidents considered were being struck in the face with a
stick by a civilian (Dublin 25 October 1893), a knee injury sustained
playing football (Glasgow 25 August 1894) and a badly cut thumb
caused by accidentally breaking a window (Umballa 2 December
1898). Between 1898 and 1900 had five entries in the defaulter book
for various offences for which he was reprimanded. Severely
reprimanded at Ladysmith 10 October 1899 for being absent from
orderly sergeants call.
Gunshot wound to the right thigh fractured the femur. A medical report dated 21 January stated
that the wound had healed but that his right leg was an inch shorter than his left. His disability was
considered permanent and to prevent him from earning a livelihood by 50%. Discharged medically
unfit at Netley 24 July 1900. Conduct exemplary.

Between 1899 and 1910 fathered nine children. Re-enlisted in Gordon Highlanders Special Reserve
at Hamilton 10 September 1914 aged 42 years 9 months. Occupation school board officer. Resided
Shotts, Lanarkshire. Served in the UK and reached the rank of Acting Company Quartermaster.
Transferred to Class Z Army Reserve 6 April 1919 and discharged on demobilisation 31 March
1920. A further medical report about 1920 stated that the shortening of his right leg was now 1½
inches and that he had developed arthritis of the right knee. His degree of disability had been
reassessed at 20%. Died of myocardial degeneration with arteriosclerosis at Shotts 2 October
1961 aged 90. Served in 2nd Battalion in South Africa and 3rd Battalion in WW1. 48 QSAs with
single clasp Elandslaagte to the regiment. Not entitled to any WW1 medals.  
His papers include a defaulter sheet with Dick-Cunyngham shown twice as the officer doling
out the appropriate punishment and SM Robertson (later an Elandslaagte VC) shown five
times as the reporting NCO. There are also reports of three Courts of Enquiry when Moir
was injured on duty, one of which bears the comments and signature of Dick-Cunyngham.