Charles Hatton
2358 Pte. C. Hatton, East Surrey Regiment.
Queen’s South Africa Medal clasp Relief of Ladysmith.
With a CD-ROM containing 149 pages of pension invalidity documents and a
photocopy of the medal roll page.

Charles Hatton enlisted at Kingston on Thames 9 April 1888 aged 18 years 2 months.
Transferred to Army Reserve 31 October 1895. Contracted rheumatic fever in
South Africa which resulted in valvular disease of the heart. Discharged medically
unfit for further service at Finner Camp, Ballyshannon 3 October 1900. Character
“very good, sober and industrious”.

A medical report in September 1901 stated his condition had worsened since
discharge with chest pains and breathlessness. His condition was considered
permanent and would only become worse. He was unable to undertake work as an iron
porter and would only be able to carry out very light work but even then only at
25% capability. Another medical report in November 1902 stated his condition had
become worse since his previous examination, was permanent and would become still

His condition was considered to totally impair his capacity to earn a living. A painter
by trade he struggled to find regular work because of his condition. A medical
report in November 1924 stated he suffered from palpitations, shortness of breath
and giddiness and was unable to sleep properly. His disability was assessed at 40%.
Died at the London Hospital 9 July 1941. Served in 2nd Battalion.