Percy Foulger
156759 CPO P. Foulger, H.M.S. Rattler & H.M.S. Merlin.

Queen’s South Africa Medal no clasp (PO 1 Cl. H.M.S. Rattler); 1914-15 Star
(CPO RN); BWM (CPO RN); Victory (CPO RN); LS&GC (EVIIR) (H.M.S. Merlin).
With photocopies of service details and QSA roll page. Percy Foulger enlisted as a boy 1
March 1894 and joined at Chatham. Born Norwich 26 June 1874. Occupation smith’s striker.
Shore pensioned 30 June 1914 and re-enlisted 2 September 1914. Demobilised 4 February
1919. Conduct consistently very good. QSA sent to H.M.S. Satellite 26 April 1904.

76 QSAs to H.M.S. Rattler, all no clasp.