James Forsyth
106931 AB J. Forsyth, H.M.S. Tartar, late H.M.S. Monarch.
Egypt Medal 1882 clasp Alexandria 11th July (Ord. H.M.S. Monarch);
Queen’s South Africa Medal clasp Cape Colony (AB H.M.S. Tartar); British
War Medal (106931 AB RN); Khedive’s Star 1882 (unnamed as issued).
With a photocopy of service details, verification details for Egypt and QSA medals and an
uncaptioned uniformed group photograph taken c. 1890. James Forsyth enlisted as a boy 5
October 1878 and joined at Chatham. Born Newcastle-upon-Tyne 17 March 1863.  Occupation
blacksmith, later fireman. Imprisoned for 5 days in 1881, for an undisclosed period in 1887 and
for 90 days in 1895 for unspecified offences. Conduct otherwise generally good and very good
but not awarded LS&GC medal. Joined R.F.R. 27 February 1904.

Recalled to service 2 August 1914 and served ashore in UK until demobilised 12 February 1919,
having served over 29 years in total. Egypt Medal sent to H.M.S. Monarch May 1883 and QSA
sent to H.M.S. Andromache 5 June 1902. 562 Egypt Medals with Alexandria 11th July clasps
awarded to H.M.S. Monarch. 195 QSAs awarded to H.M.S. Tartar of which 59 were single
clasp, 43 with clasp Cape Colony.