Joseph Dowell
8832 Pte. J.S. Dowell, King’s Royal Rifle Corps.
Queen’s South Africa Medal clasps Tugela Heights, Orange Free State, Relief of Ladysmith, Transvaal,
Laings Nek (J.S. Dowell KRRC); King’s South Africa Medal clasps South Africa 1901, South Africa
1902 (S. Dowell 2-KRRC).
Severely wounded in action Klipfontein 2 December 1901 & invalided.

With 46 photocopy pages of service documents and pension invalidity papers. Joseph Sydney Dowell enlisted at Birmingham
12 November 1894 aged 19. Born Kings Norton. Occupation labourer. A Court of Enquiry on 10 June 1896 investigated the
circumstances of an eye injury. Dowell claimed to have knocked his left eye on a barrack room table while sober. It was
considered that he had received the injury during a row but that it would not affect his future efficiency as a soldier. Had
one entry in the defaulter book for leaving the ranks on the line of march without permission in South Africa 25 June 1901.
Sustained a gunshot wound to the left hip and buttock while serving with the Mounted Infantry. The bullet entered his left
buttock and exited through the inner aspect of his thigh. Treated at Standerton Field Hospital and transferred to 14th
General Hospital, Newcastle in December 1901 before being invalided to England on S.S. Orcana in January 1902.

Subsequently treated at hospitals in Netley and Cork. Discharged medically unfit for further service at Cork 30 April
1902. Conduct very good. A medical report in March 1903 stated that the movements of his left hip joint were slightly
impaired, that his condition was not permanent and that with massage and exercise it should get better in one year. However,
a medical report in February 1904 stated that the movement of his left hip joint was distinctly impaired, that he walked
with a limp and had difficulty stooping to pick up anything and that his condition was permanent. Re-enlisted as number
R5900 in King’s Royal Rifle Corps at Birmingham 19 October 1914 aged 38 years 345 days. Occupation groom. Discharged
9 January 1919 having served only in the U.K. so not entitled to any WW1 medals. Conduct good.

Died of cardiovascular degeneration at Birmingham 20 January 1955 aged 79. Served in 2nd Battalion in South Africa and
at the Depot in WW1. KSA issued 15 June 1932 and named in the style of that period.