George Dover
5721 Pte. G. Dover, East Surrey Regiment.

Queen’s South Africa Medal clasps Tugela Heights, Relief of Ladysmith
Wounded in action Pieters Hill 27 Febraury 1900 & invalided.

With a CD-ROM containing 123 pages of pension invalidity documents
including death certificate, four photocopy pages of service documents and a
photocopy of the QSA roll page. George Dover enlisted at London 8
November 1898 aged 19 years 2 months. Born St. Pancras, London.
Occupation van guard. Sustained a gunshot wound to the left thigh.

A medical report in May 1901 stated that he has a large flesh wound, now
healed, in the vicinity of the left buttock which caused slight lameness and
prevented him from walking. His right leg had some oedema due to phlebitis
following enteric fever. His disability was considered permanent to the
extent of one sixth. Had three entries in the defaulter book in 1900 and 1901
for gambling and unauthorised absences. A medical report in October 1923
stated that he had a weakness in the left leg with some limitation of external
rotation due to contracture as well as swelling in both legs which left him
unable to walk without a stick. His right knee was considerably enlarged and
in slight flexion which diminished movement by about 20%.

Discharged medically unfit for further service at Dublin 15 July 1901.
Conduct good. Died of bronchopneumonia at home in London 25 September
1949 aged 68, suggesting he had lied about his age upon enlistment. Served in
2nd Battalion.