John Dillon
6554 Pte. J. Dillon, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders.
Queen’s South Africa Medal clasp Modder River.
Wounded in action Magersfontein 11 December 1899 & invalided.
With 13 photocopy pages of pension invalidity papers and a photocopy of the medal
roll page. John Dillon enlisted at Glasgow 14 May 1898 aged 18 years 5 months.
Occupation labourer. Sustained a gunshot wound to the skull.

A medical report dated 17 March 1900 stated that he claimed to have been
unconscious for three days after being wounded and on recovering consciousness
was unable to lift his left arm or left leg. There was a depression at the point of
exit of the Mauser bullet. Although he had sensation there was almost complete loss
of power in his left arm and partial loss of power in his left leg. He was also deaf in
his right ear. He was considered permanently unfit with his condition interfering
absolutely with his ability to earn a full livelihood. Discharged medically unfit for
further service at Netley 24 April 1900. Conduct very good.

A medical report dated 19 February 1901 stated there was no improvement. In a
letter dated 21 May 1918 he petitioned for an increase in his pension of 1/6d a day
as he was paralysed “from head to foot” down his left side and that his health
restricted his employment to that of hoistman.  Died of cardiac failure 11
September 1936 aged 56. Served in ‘A’ Company 1st Battalion.