John Carr
871 Pte. J. Carr, Connaught Rangers.
Queen’s South Africa Medal clasps Tugela Heights, Relief of Ladysmith.
Wounded in action Hart’s Hill 23 February 1900 & invalided.

With a CD-ROM containing 174 pages of pension invalidity papers and a copy of
the medal roll page. John Carr enlisted in the 5th Battalion Connaught Rangers
(Militia Reserve) 26 November 1885, apparently having lied about his age being
17. Born Carrick-on-Shannon. Re-engaged at Boyle 16 July 1891 and 18 June 1895
and at Oranmore 20 June 1899. Had one entry in the defaulter book in 1891 for
being absent from tattoo. Sustained a gunshot wound to the right knee. Admitted
to College Hospital, Pietermaritzburg 5 March 1900. Invalided to England 19
April 1900 and admitted to Netley Hospital 23 May 1900.

A medical report dated 5 March 1900 stated that he had stiffness, pain and a
slight contraction of the joint, confirmed by a further medical report dated 24
September 1901 which also assessed his disability at 50%. A medical report dated
14 October 1902 confirmed the previous findings and stated that his condition was
probably permanent. A medical report dated 24 April 1923 added that he had
difficulty walking and noted that he had a small entrance scar at the inner border
of the popliteal space and an exit scar over the inner condyle of the tibia, the
bullet apparently having traversed the joint. There was one inch of wasting on his
thigh and ½ inch on his calf. Flexion was impaired by 25% and he complained of
pain on movement. His disability was reassessed at 25%.

Discharged medically unfit for further service at Galway 8 November 1900.
Character very good. Died of senility at Carrick-on-Shannon 27 April 1953 aged
80 although according to his declared birth date of 19 June 1869 he would have
been 83. Served in 1st Battalion in South Africa.