The Dominion Collection

Welcome the “Dominion Collection”, featuring three categories of

a) medals with a connection to Ceylon, (1795-1948);

b) medals to recipients serving in one of Indian’s naval or maritime
services; (1840-1947);

c) other medals that have caught my fancy, (and hopefully, this is
the smallest of the categories!).

My purpose in presenting these medals – and the research which
accompanies them – is threefold:

a) to share with other medal collectors (and anyone else interested)
some gems from my medal collection -- the “Dominion Collection’;

b) to make contact with anyone who might happen to have
additional information on any of the recipients of any of these

c) to offer my assistance to anyone with an interest in the history of
Ceylon, India’s naval and maritime services, or anything else related
to any of my medals.

I am happy to share any information I have; and to provide any
advice for further research.  So please don’t hesitate to
contact me

Now... please continue your voyage through my medal collection by
clicking any of the links below.  And please check back regularly.  I
plan to routinely add more items and update existing research as
circumstances dictate.