The Dominion Collection
Medals to Recipients of the
Indian Naval Services
Commissioned Gunner
Albert Walter BAIGENT

Royal Navy
Straits Settlement RNVR
Malaya RNVR
Engineer Commander Carl
Rousey Leopold BERGNER

Mercantile Marine: 1907 - 1909
Royal Indian Marine: 1910 – 1914;
1919 – 1940
Royal Navy: 1914 – 1918
Commander Charles Henry

Mercantile Marine: 1904 – 1909
Royal Indian Marine: 1909 – 1934
Royal Indian Navy: 1934 - 1936
Royal Navy: 1939 - 40
Engineer Lieutenant
Commander William DOWNIE

Royal Indian Marine: 1914 - 1920  
Royal Indian Navy: 1939 – 1946
Ordinary Seaman W. Green

Indian Navy of the Honorable East
India Company
H.E.I.C. Steam Frigate “Punjaub”
and, latterly, Indian Naval
Brigade, (H.M.P.V. “Calcutta”)

Note: although all three medals are
named to W. Green, it is still unclear if
this represents a family group or the
entitlement of a single recipient.
Lieutenant Commander

Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve:
1940-44; 1946-1958
Royal Indian Naval Volunteer
Reserve: 1944 – 46
Royal Navy Reserve: 1958-1963
First Class Engineer
Thomas Knox

Indian Navy of the Honorable East
India Company
Indus Flotilla and, latterly, H.E.I.
C. Ship “Moozuffer”
John Clifford MANSELL

Royal Navy Reserve, Royal Indian
Royal Navy (Special List - Royal
Pakistan Navy Liaison Officer)
Commissioned Gunner Frank
Charles William MEADE,

Royal Navy: 1908 – 1916; 1940 -
Royal Indian Marine:  1916 - 1933

Note: born as Frank Charles William
GLEWITZ, but changed his name, circa
1919, to MEADE.
Commodore Robin Avelin
Melhuish, R.I.M, R.I.N.

Royal Indian Marine: 1906 – 1917;
1919 – 1934
Royal Indian Navy: 1934; 1939 –
Royal Navy: 1917 – 1919
Royal Naval Reserve: 1902 – 1906

1.        Also known as Robert Avelin
2.        Awarded Soviet Order of
Kutuzov, 3rd Class
3.        Awarded The Royal
Meteorological Society's Luke Howard
Medal, 1900; engraved inscription:
"Cadet R. A. Melhuish of H.M.S.
Worcester for the best essay on the
Meteorology of the Indian Ocean, July
4.        Mentioned in Despatches twice,
(April 1943 and July 1945), for service
as Commodore Ocean Convoys.
Henry Ellis

Royal Naval Reserve; Royal Navy
Royal Indian Naval Reserve
Surma Valley Light Horse,
Auxiliary Force (India)
Ordinary Seaman John POWER

Indian Navy of the Honorable East
India Company
HEIC Ship Nemesis