Victorian Naval Campaign Groups
John Henwood
He signed on the RN again on board HMS Indus on 16 Dec ’
68, as a Caulker’s mate & was drafted three days later to
HMS Lynx to serve on the Pacific station.

Whilst  serving on Lynx he rec’d his first & second GCB’s on
1 June ’69, & 28 Feb ’73.

He returned home & ent’d Indus again on 26 Sep ’76 & was
then drafted to HMS Modeste, on 1 Jan ’74, again for
service in the Far East.

Whilst serving on Modeste ( a wood screw Corvette of the
Amethyst class) he saw active service in the
Perak (Malay)
campaign of Nov ’75 to Mar ’76.  He served in the Modeste’s
Naval Bde under Captain Buller (Modeste’s Captain), which
travelled up the Perak River in co-operation with Major
General Colborne’s force in the advance to Kinta.

Returning to UK 10 May ’77 he next serves on HMS Tamar,
Indus & London.  Whilst on London he receives his LS
medal on 24 June ’78 after completing 13 yrs reckonable
service. The LS medal regulations had changed in 1875 &
the qualifiying time factor was now reduced to 10 years.
This reduced time factor was to remain in effect until 1884.

The remainder of his time is spent at home on HMS Tyne,
Royal Adelaide, Indus, & Cambridge.  Completing  his 20 yrs
service he went to pension on 22 Dec ’84.
John Henwood was born on 21 Apl 1836 in Torpoint
Cornwall.  He signed on in the RN on 12 Oct ’62 aged 26 yrs
5 months, old for the time. His trade was shown as
Shipwright so he likely apprenticed in the dockyards prior to
entry. He was a short man, only 5’ 2” when he signed on. He
could read & write which was understandable if he had
served an apprenticeship.

He first served as a Shipwright then as a Caulker’s mate on
board HMS Leopard until 29 Sep ’66 when she was paid off
into reserve.

The following day he signed on Devonport Dockyard as a
Shipwright & was employed there until 2 May ’68.
Caulker John Henwood