Other Interesting Medals
Arthur Reeds
                        25 years service on the Royal Yachts.

Born 23 Jan 1866, a native of Hantsport, Reeds entered the RN as a Stoker 2nd cl on 22 Jun ’85.  He served on HMS Volage from 21
Sep ’85 to 1 Nov ‘86,  & was promoted to Stoker 1st cl on  1 July ’86.

He was then sent ashore to the Depot ship HMS Asia until being drafted to Queen Victoria’s Royal Yacht HMY Victoria on 1 Jan ’87.
This was a very desirable draft for a Seaman or Stoker.  It is unknown how he managed to secure this prestigious draft, but payment
of bribes on board the Depot ships for desirable drafts in the Victorian Navy was commonplace.  
Stoker Petty Officer Albert Arthur REEDS
However, once he was there Reeds was to spend the next 25 yrs 5
months on board the first & second Victoria & Albert, & her cousin,
the smaller Royal Yacht  HMY Alberta.  An  amazing length of time
to spend on one ship. Both yachts Alberta & Victoria & Alberta
were coal burners & would have carried approx 20 ERA’s & Stokers
to run & maintain her main steam & auxiliary engines.

During his long career on the Royal Yachts he was to receive the
Queen Victoria 1897 Jubilee medal on 2 Aug ’97;   King Edward’s
Coronation medal on 15 Aug ’02;  & King George’s Coronation
medal on 17 July ’11.  Reeds had all of his  Royal  medals privately

He was promoted to Leading Stoker on 7 Mar ’01 & Stoker Petty
Officer on 1 Jan ’07.  He was awarded his Naval LS medal on 15
Aug ’00.
His medal is named “H.M.Y. VICTORIA & ALBERT”

Reeds went to pension on 1 May '12.
He was subsequently recalled for WWI on 7 Aug '14, but he was
medically released on 29 Sep.