Other Interesting Medals
Henry Thomas Leverett
Born 1 Dec 1858 in Portsmouth, he entered the Royal Navy on board HMS Asia 22 July 1880 as an Acting Engine Room Artificer
{ERA}. As a trained machinst/turner/fitter & skilled tradesman he would have served an extensive apprenticeship prior to entry.

He served on HMS Hecla for two yrs, being advanced to E.R.A. on 22 July ’81, before being drafted to HMS Iris (2nd class Cruiser of ’
77) for service in the Egyptian campaign of 1882, earning the no clasp medal.  He left Iris in Dec ’83 & subsequently served on HMS
Valorous, Hecla (again), Scout, & Vernon.

On 1 Oct ’90 he was appointed to the Portsmouth Dockyard for “Torpedo Store”, remaining there until 31 Mar ’93.  He was then
appointed to  HM Royal Yacht “Victoria & Albert” on 28 Mar ’93 & promoted to Chief E.R.A. on 19 Aug ’93.

Leverett was awarded his Naval Long Service medal whilst on V&A on 27 July ’93.  He was to remain on her for Queen Victoria’s
Diamond Jubilee in July ’97, & rec’d the medal for that occasion.

Whilst serving on V&A he was advanced to Artificer Engineer (Warrant rank) on 1 Apl ’98.   He served on V&A until Apl ’99 when he
was drafted ashore to Asia. His next app’t was to HMS Basilisk (a new Destroyer of Feb ‘00) on 22 Mar ’00., then to HMS Medusa (2nd
cl Cruiser of ‘88 ) on 10 Apl ’02.  

He was promoted to CHIEF ARTIFICER ENGINEER on 1 Apl '03 &  subsequently served on board HMS Handy (Destroyer of ‘95 ) on the
China station.

Whilst serving on Handy he was promoted to Engineer Lieut  1 Apl ’07.

On his return to UK he was appointed on 25 July ’07 to HMS President  “to assist the Engineer Overseer Scotland District”, until
retirement on 16 July 1913.  He was in his 55th yr of age.

His service was not over yet tho as he was recalled for WWI & appointed to HMS President “to assist Engineer Officer Overseer at
Messrs Denny’s (shipbuilders) of  Dumbarton.

On 9 July ’15 he was promoted to Engineer Lieut Commander & reverted to the Retired list in Jan ’19.   He was still on the Ret’d list in
July ’37, & he died sometime around 1945.
Engineering Lieut Cdr. Henry Thomas LEVERETT  RN
ERA's & Stokers of HMS Asia circa 1890's.