Other Interesting Medals
George Hammond was born on 13 Feb 1842 at West Itchenor, Sussex. His father’s name was Edmund & he had four sisters & a
brother. His mother was deceased by 1851.

He entered the RN on board HMS Excellent on 2 May 1859 at 17 yrs of age.  He declared no occupation but could read & write & signed
his name quite legibly.

His first ship posting was the cruiser HMS Bacchante on 1 Mar ’60. On her he was rated TM(Trained man) on 31 Aug ’61, giving him a
pay raise, & promoted to AB on 13 May ’62. He returned to Excellent on 4 Aug ’64 & qualified as a SG1{Seaman Gunner 1st class} on
18 Mar ’65.  He was then drafted to HMS Argus  for service in the East Indies & on board her rated Sail maker’s Crew on 27 May ’66,
Leading Seaman on 30 Jan ’67, & 2nd Captain of the Fore Top{PO2}  on 18 Apl ’67. As HMS Argus participated in the brief Abyssinian
campaign of 1867 Hammond also qualified for his first campaign medal.

Returning to Excellent on 20 Jan ’69 he re qualified as SG1. Whilst on Excellent he was promoted to Captain of the Forecastle {PO1}
on 3 Sep ’72.He was then drafted to HMS Fawn in the same rate on 1 Jan ’73 & was promoted to Boatswain’s Mate on board her on 1
May ’73.  He left Fawn for Excellent on 20 Mar ’75 where he again re qualified as SG1, remaining until 5 Aug ’75.
Details of naming on the Egypt medal (left) and Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (right)
On 21 July, whilst serving on HMS Excellent, Hammond was
recommended for the Naval Long Service medal & rec’d it on 17
Aug ’75.
Whilst on Excellent Hammond would have been examined in
Seamanship & Gunnery for promotion to Warrant rank.  

Whilst serving on HMS Minotaur in which ship he was promoted to
Warrant rank - Boatswain - on 7 Oct ’75.  He remained on
Minotaur until 14 Aug ’79, when he was posted to HMS Wye.  HMS
Wye was a 1370 ton iron screw store ship of 1873, employed in
transporting stores & supplies to Egypt for the campaign in that
theatre.  Whilst on board Wye he saw service in the Egypt
campaign of 1882, receiving the Egypt medal.  

He left Wye in Jun ’83  & subsequently served on HMS Duncan
(Aug ’83-Oct ’86), Pembroke (Oct’86-May ’87), Thalia (May-Jun ’
87), Carysfort (Jun-Aug ’87), & Indus (Aug–Dec ’87).  On 2 Dec ’
87 he went to pension after serving 27 yrs, 300 days.  His age at
that time was 45 yrs 10 months.

His pension was £75/-/- per annum until being raised to £105/-/-
p.a. on 1 Apl ’20, and £112/10/- p.a. on 1 July ’23. After pension
George lived with his wife Elizabeth & family at 86 Guildan Terrace,
Portfield, Sussex.

He moved to 36 Bognor Rd, Chichester after his wife Elizabeth
died in 1900, living there with his niece(Edith) & nephew(James).
His occupation at that time (1901) was shown as Painter.
George Hammond outlived Elizabeth by 28 yrs, passing on 4 Nov
1928 of cardiac syncope(irregular heartbeat) & myocardial
degeneration.He was 86 ½ yrs of age.

He is buried in Chichester cemetery, Chichester, West Sussex.  His
wife Elizabeth had predeceased him, passing on 13 Feb 1900.
Their gravestone still survives to this day but is very weathered &
the lettering is faint but readable.