The Naval Brigade in Egypt and the Soudan
Captain Arthur Wilson VC
Captain Arthur"Tug" Wilson commanded HMS Hecla
during the Egyptian & Soudanese wars of 1882 and

On the 29th of Feb 1884 he marched out to the battle of
El-Teb with an infantry square, purely as a spectator -
but during the fighting, the square broke under enemy
attack. Springing into the gap he beat off the dervishes
single handed and, when his sword broke, fought on
using his bare fists although he had been wounded in
the head.

His action saved the day and he was recommended for
the Victoria Cross, though remained unmoved by what
he had done. Returning to the ship he wrote home: "I
have just returned from a very pretty little fight...." & in
his diary .... "Docked ship. Awarded VC".
Wilson's magnificent group resides in the Maritime Museum

To the left is his gravesite in Swaffham