The Naval Brigade in Egypt and the Soudan
LEADING SEAMAN {Seaman Gunner}
Alfred Habgood was born 6 May 1858 in Wimbourne, Dorset.
He entered the RN as a Boy 2nd class 11 Apl ’74. He was a month shy of 16 yrs of age.

Habgood took his initial training at HMS St Vincent & Boscawen, & was then posted to HMS Juno & Newcastle where he was advanced
to Ordinary Seaman on 6 May ’76.  He was then drafted to HMS Charybdis briefly, then to HMS Hornet in Apl ’77 where he was
advanced to AB 1 July ’78 & granted his first GCB (Good Conduct badge) 6 May ’79.  He remained on Hornet until 11 Sep ’80 when he
drafted to HMS Excellent for Gunnery training.  Rated Seaman Gunner 1st class 1 Jun ’81, he left Excellent & joined HMS Hecla in the
Mediterranean on 26 May ’82.

Habgood was to serve on HMS Hecla for over 3 years, & he saw active service at the bombardment of Alexandra on 11 July ’82.
He got into some trouble whilst on Hecla. For some unspecified infraction
he was deprived of his GCB & placed in the Second Class for Conduct on 30 May ’83.  He redeemed himself as he is returned to the
First Class for Conduct on 6 Mar ’84.  Shortly afterwards Habgood was part of Hecla’s Naval brigade, seeing action at the battles of El
Teb on 29 Feb ’84, & subsequently Tamaai on 13 Mar. On 6 Sep ’84 he has his GCB restored.

He left Hecla & returned to Excellent on 1 Oct ’85. Whilst at Excellent he was advanced to Leading Seaman 6 May ’86 . Shortly
afterwards he was admitted to Haslar hospital & was subsequently invalided out on 8 Oct. No cause is given on his record.

the 1901 Census Habgood is shown as married (in 1890) to Caroline Emma, but she was his second wife as he appears to have been
married earlier, as he is wearing a wedding band in the HMS Hecla group photo.
However, at this time he has a family of 5; Matilda (14) & Alice (12) from his first marriage, & 3 sons with Caroline: James (7), Alfred
(5), & David (3).  They were living at 71 Whitfield St, South St Pancras, London. His trade was Carpenter & Caroline was a Domestic

22 El Teb Tamaai clasps were awarded to HMS Hecla’s Naval bde.
Habgood is wearing his Seaman Gunner 1st class
rate badge in the photo.  His rate badge would have
appeared similar to the example illustrated to the left,
but without the star.  The crown above the gun was
replaced by the star in 1890.