H.M.S. Victoria Survivors
Alfred Mitchell
He was born on 12 Dec 1867 in Brighton and entered the RN as a Boy of 15 yrs 9 months on 11 Sep ’83.

He served on the Ironclads HMS Minotaur & Bacchante being rated ORD on 12 Dec ’85.  He was then drafted to HMS Sphinx on 1 Dec ’
86, when she returned home from the Soudan campaign of ‘84-’85,  & was rated AB on board her on 1 Jan ’87.

He next attends HMS Excellent where he qualifies as a Seaman Gunner Torpedo 1st class 26 Oct ’88, & gets drafted to HMS Hecla, a
Torpedo Depot ship that had seen prior action in the Soudan campaign as well.

He receives his 1st GCB on board her on 12 Dec ’88, but promptly loses it on 11 July ’89 for some unspecified offence.  His conduct
was only rated Good whilst on Hecla. He returns to Excellent where he receives his GCB back on 11 Jan ’90 & loses it again on 30 Jan!  

He has it restored a year later & is drafted to HMS Vernon from Nov ’92 to Mar ’93, then gets drafted to HMS Achilles where he remains
for the month of March. Achilles was making her way to the Mediterranean to join the fleet there.

His next draft on 1 Apl ‘93 is to HMS Victoria, Flagship of Vice Admiral George Tryon, Admiral Commanding the Mediterranean Fleet. He
was onboard her that fateful day 22 Jun when she was rammed & sunk by HMS Camperdown, with considerable loss of life.

Alfred Mitchell was one of the survivors, & after the enquiry & court martial on the loss of Victoria was returned to HMS Victory on 13
Aug,  & subsequently drafted to HMS Euphrates where he receives his 2nd GCB on 17 Dec ’93.  Again he does not keep his GCB very
long as he is deprived of it on 24 Feb ’94,  & leaves Euphrates on 9 May with only a ‘Good’ conduct assessment.  

Whilst on HMS Victory he has his 2nd GCB restored on 24 Aug ’94. He next gets drafted for a month to HMS Bullfrog, then serves on
HMS Fearless & Sappho before returning to Victory on 31 Oct ’95, where he is “D to Shore, CS Expired” on 12 Dec ’95 , &
subsequently enters  the RFR (Royal Fleet Reserve).

Being in the RFR he is called up for WWI on 2 Aug ’14 & is rated ST (Seaman Torpedoman). He serves on the Cruiser HMS Vindictive,
serving in the 9th Cruiser Sqdn at Portland & later off the West coast of Africa, until Jun ’16 when he is drafted to the old pre
dreadnought B/S HMS Implacable
to participate in the last stages of the Dardanelles campaign evacuation.

He then gets drafted to the old Cruiser & base ship HMS Europa at Mudros,  until returning to HMS Victory on 1 Sep ’17.   His last
draft was to
HMS Vernon on 1 Feb ‘18 where he may have served as an Instructor for the remainder of the war.

He receives his 3rd GCB whilst at Vernon on 29 July ’18. During the war his conduct was assessed as Very Good for his entire service.
He also rec’d, despite his earlier poor conduct record, his RFR LS medal in Dec ’18.   Altho he was demobilized on 30 Jan ’19, he
continued to serve at Victory until 4 Jun ’21, when he was again “demobilized”.  Mitchell earned the 1914-15 star trio for his WWI

Mitchell never rose above the rank of AB – he was in RN parlance a “stripey” -  a 3 badge AB.  He lived in Brighton after his service &
died in 1937.