Frederick George Lock
Original member of the RCN
Frederick Lock was born in St Paul’s, Kent on 12 Sept 1869. He ent’d the RN as a Boy 2nd cl on 21 Jan ’85

He served on board HMS Active, Minotaur, Northumberland, & Comus, being rated Ord on his 18th birthday, & AB on 1 July ’89. Whilst
on Comus he is rated Acting Seaman Gunner & attends HMS Excellent to qualify as SG1 on 24 Jun ’92.  His next draft is to HMS
Achilles briefly,
then to the ill fated HMS Victoria on 1 Apl ’93. He was on board her on that fateful day 22 June ’93 when she
was struck by HMS Camperdown & sunk rapidly. Lock was one of the survivors.
Discharged to HMS Victory after the court
martial, his kit was replaced & he was granted  an allowance of £3.3.8  He was then drafted to HMS Seraphis for 1 ½ yrs & then to HMS
Marathon where he remained for the next 3 ½  yrs, his longest sea draft to date.  Whilst on her he was promoted to Leading Seaman
on 11 Aug ’96.

Subsequently he served on HMS Raven & Trafalgar where he was promoted to PO2 on 10 Mar ‘99, then HMS Urgent, where he received
promotion to PO1 on 10 Oct ’99. He subsequently served on HMS Hermes, Crescent, & the new B/S HMS Glory. HMS Glory was the last
B/S to be commissioned in Queen Victoria’s reign in Nov ’00. She was flagship on the China station & the ship on which Lock rec’d his
LS medal on Jan 9 ’03.  He then sees service on HMS Gladiator, & Hampshire & attends HMS Excellent from Aug to Nov ’07 & qualifies
as a Gun Layer. He then gets drafted to the Sub Depot Ship HMS Mercury from 24 Nov ’07 to Sep ’09. He may have seen service in the
early A & B class subs.  He goes to pension on 26 Sep ’09.

 H.M.S. Glory

 H.M.S. Rainbow

HMCS Rainbow in the Graving
(dry) dock at Esquimalt
 circa 1913.

He does not remain a pensioner for long tho, for on 6 Aug 10 he enters the newly formed RCN & is among the crew bringing the cruiser
HMS Rainbow to Canada.

HMS Rainbow was gifted to the newly formed RCN in May 1910 & was commissioned in UK as HMCS Rainbow & sailed to Esquimalt on
Canada’s Pacific (west) coast. For many years in the 19th century the RN ran a base at Esquimalt & some of the buildings erected on
the base in the 19th century are still standing today- the then very old Graving (dry) dock was still in use in the late 1970's.  

She commissioned on 4 Aug 10 & with a largely RN crew & sailed for Esquimalt on 6 Aug & arrived on 7 Nov & was the only major
warship on the west coast until 1914. PO Lock would have been an instructor for the many new RCN ratings arriving on board.

Lock did quite well in the RCN until his first conduct violation on 4 July ’13, when he was:

“Drunk on board when on duty as QM (Quartermaster) of the Morning watch.”

For this indiscretion he was deprived of his 3 Good conduct badges, which would have made a difference in his daily pay.  On 2 Jan ’14
he had one GCB restored.

He remains on the Rainbow until 4 Mar ’14 when he gets drafted to HMCS Galiano,  which at that time was a fishery patrol vessel
operating on the west coast. He remains on her until drafted back to Rainbow on 7 July ’14.

He is only back one day when he gets in trouble again, this time  for:

“Breaking out of HMC Dockyard on 6th July when ordered to return on board Rainbow on discharge from Galiano; and return on board
Rainbow on 8th July, Drunk”

This time he gets hit big time - he gets disrated to AB.  I guess at this point he has had it with the RCN, for on 10 July he applies for
discharge from the RCN. He had completed his original term of enlistment & was on 3 months extension. His request was approved &
he was discharged on 15 July with gratuity. He returned to the UK  & where he re-entered the RN effective 16 Sep ’14.

On his RN SR is noted:

“On discharge from the RCN this man held the rating of AB and one (Good conduct) badge, having been disrated & deprived of badges
for misconduct.

Re-entry in RN as a PO to be allowed to stand, but badge account to be adjusted and  Good Conduct medal to be forfeited.”

So his rank of PO was restored & he retained his GCB but lost his LS medal.  He must have kept it tho as I have the original medal.
There is no mention on Lock;s SR about having his LS medal or GCB’s  restored.

He was subsequently drafted to HMS Celtic (an Armed Merchant cruiser) on commissioning, 23 Nov ‘14.  He served on her until being
drafted ashore to HMS Victory on 13 Jan ’15. He then gets drafted to HMS Racer as an instructor at the RN College, Osborne, on the
Isle of Wight.  He remains there until being discharged “Medically unfit: Organic Heart disease” on 16 Aug ’17.

He died in 1918, possibly of influenza, & his WWI medals were forwarded to his brother in 1920.

                                              H.M.S. Rainbow Crew in 1913
H.M.S. Camperdown