Medals to Musicians, Bandsmen & Bandmasters
Bandsman Henry Walton
Grenadier Guards
Henry Walton was born at Newcastle-on-Tyne in
Feb 1873, he entered the Durham Light Infantry
as Band Boy on 24 Oct ’88 aged 15 yrs 7
months. His trade was given as Musician.

He was just over 5’ tall & already had a tattoo on
his left forearm “H.W.”

He was appointed to the 1st Bn 9 Nov &
transferred to the 2nd Bn 20 Nov ’88, &  shipped
off to India with his Reg’t.

He was granted a 3rd class Certificate of
Education on 22 Mar ’89 & 2nd class on 17 Jan ’

He had been appointed Bandsman on 31 Oct ’89.

Granted his 1st Good Conduct pay of 1 pence per
diem on 24 Oct ’90, he forfeited it on 30 Sep ’92,
but had it restored again on 30 Sep ’93. He was
subsequently granted  G.C. pay of 2 p per diem
on 30 Sep ’95 & 3p per diem G.C. pay on 24 Oct ’
00.  Returning home on 1 Dec ’01 after spending
13 years 11 days in India & having completed his
period of engagemnt he was discharged on 2 Dec ’
01 with a total of 13 years, 40 days service.
He did not remain out of service long for on 16 Oct ’02 he joins the Royal Garrison Reg’t.  He is now
5’ 10” & has “numerous tattoo marks on body & arms” . He resumes his 3p per diem G.C. pay. He is
posted to the 2nd Bn on 18 Nov ’0,. & posted to Gibralter, then on 11 Apl ’04 to South Africa.
Returning home on 5 Aug ’05, he continues to serve in the RGR until the “reduction of the Reg’t” &
is discharged 26 Aug ’05.  He has now completed 15 yrs, 355 days service.

He is only out of service for 3 days as he next joins the Grenadier Guards as a Musician on 29 Aug ’
05, again resuming his 3 G.C. badges. He is granted 7p per diem G.C. pay on 1 Mar ’06 & granted
his 4th G.C. badge on 8 Sep ’07.

Whilst serving in the Grenadier Guards Walton is awarded his Army Long Service medal with £5
gratuity in AO 92 of 1 Apl ’11 – this being the last issue of the EVIIR LS medal.

All of his service in the Grenadier Guards band was at home & he was still serving in the band on the
outbreak of WWI.

On 10 Mar ’15 things go badly wrong for him as he is shown on that day as being: “in arrest” for a
period of 13 days.

On 23 March he was:“Convicted by the Civil Power of “Gross Indecency” and sentenced to 3 months
2nd Division without H. L. (hard labour). To Prison”

On 4 May ’15 he was:“Discharged (the service) having been convicted by the Civil Power of
Misdemeanour”. He was 42 yrs of age. He is Released from prison on 8 June ’15: “remainder of
sentence remitted.” I expect the offence that Walton committed was of some kind of a sexual nature.

Upon discharge he had completed 25 yrs 239 days service, & “with 21 or more years service towards
pension” He earned no campaign medals for his service & was permitted to retain his LS medal.  He
was not awarded a BWM for WWI as he saw no service outside of London.

I don’t know anything more about Henry Walton or what became of him after his release for the